Welcome to sharedInstance!

Posted on Oct 10, 2013 by idhanta — Comments

Welcome to sharedInstance!

Here you can access the latest blog posts from the perspective of various Jailbreak Tweak Developers, iOS Hackers and many more.

You can expect tweak reviews, some tutorials and also tips that’ll help you make better jailbreak tweaks.

The reason for starting this blog is simple – popular jailbreak blogs tend to make lame posts in order to increase their traffic while sometimes giving us biased opinions on tweaks. As developers, we believe it’s better to know the accurate story instead of interpretations that could be inaccurate. Much love to unthreadebl00g for opening our eyes to this.

Our core members consist of:

If you want to get in touch with us, you can follow @sharedInstance on Twitter or email us at sharedinstance@gmail.com.

Thanks, and enjoy!